You Can’t Change The World – So Change The Stress!

The TRUTH: Your Stress Management System Is Killing You, Not Relieving You!

Turn stress inTO OPPORTUNITIESFirst, let’s look at the term “stress management.”  You don’t want to “manage” stress – as if it would listen to you, anyway! No, you want to eliminate it. Or better yet – transform it.
Most “stress management” systems focus on your internal reactions. How can you stay calm under stress?  How can you feeeeeel better and calmer?  How can you balance body and soul in the face of anxiety?
But this does nothing to get rid of what’s causing the stress. This is like reading a motivational poster while your house is burning. Put the damn fire out! 

Transform FEAR Of Stress Into FAITH In Your Ability To Control Stressful Situations

SJC applies the principles of judo and martial arts – efficient use of leverage and focused power – and the experience of trial litigation – emphasize the strengths of your case and the weaknesses of your opponent’s and have your case well-prepared, for maximum flexibility – to transform stressful situations into opportunities for growth and improvement and using the incredible power and flexibility of a full service online life coach.


I am Rick Carter, the creator of SJC.  The core of this training is the progressive belt training so ubiquitous to traditional martial arts.  Each belt level contains 2 modules. The breakdown of the training is the same process used in preparing a case to triumph in the courtroom. At the higher levels of training, the training is the same give-and-take as fighting in the dojo and debating in oral arguments in appellate courts. You will gain a mindset and approach that only the most elite martial artists and leaders (not just attorneys) have: the mindset that says you can turn any situation to your advantage.  The mindset that says any injury that results will not be yours.
The mindset that forces every opportunity to reveal itself to you.


SJC has multiple levels of training, so you can choose the most appropriate to your situation. This will change as you advance in the training, so not only is the belt training progressive, but so are the various levels.

1. Basic reports: The Truth; The Remedy; and The Overview.  3 free proprietary reports that explain why other stress management s are insufficient and may actually be harmful(The Truth).  A report on what a system to transform stressful situations into exciting opportunities is presented (The Remedy).  Finally, an explanation of how SJC achieves this is given (The Overview). FREE.

2. STRESS JUDO: Mastery Manual. This is the one volume reference manual for the system.  Designed to used ly or supplementary to the remainder of the system components, The Manual is excellent for those who want a detailed explanation of SJC. $19.97

3. STRESS JUDO Black Belt training system. This is the spine of the SJC system.  6 belts consisting of 2 modules each, for comprehensive training in 6 months.  Complete with Action Steps, Checklists, and Mindmaps, as well as manuals for each module. $55.57 per month.

4. STRESS JUDO COACHING Dojo.  Small group intensive coaching, based on the interaction of a martial arts dojo and a law school seminar. Limited in size to 5 participants, these biweekly 1 hour sessions are led by Rick Carter and are intensive explorations of each module fo each belt. $500 per month.

5. STRESS JUDO COACHING Personal coaching. Personal one-on-one coaching in the principles and applications of SJC with Rick Carter directly.  Each biweekly one hour session will focus on SJC principles and also on business coaching or life coaching (as you see appropriate).  $1,250 per month.

6. STRESS JUDO COACHING Elite coaching.  Virtually unlimited access and coaching with Rick Carter, for ultimate preparation and expertise in SJC.  Weekly 1 hour sessions or more, depending on your situation. Rick’s private email and cell phone number, for instant access. Designed and focused completely on your needs and situation. Selectively limited as to number of participants.  INDICATE ON CONTACT FORM THAT YOU WANT THE ELITE COACHING. $3,000 per month.


Shortcomings of other systems:

  • meditation – does not control stressful situations, only your reaction.

  • fitness – doesn’t strengthen internal/emotional reaction to stress.

  • time management training – organizes the stress, but doesn’t eliminate it.

  • counseling – may help you realize why you get into stressful situations, and maybe helps you internally cope with them.

  • medication – these may be necessary, depending on your situation.  And if they are, then you listen to your doctor


The key to defeating stress is to take action against it. Immediately.

So go back to the TRAINING section and choose the level where you want to start your training.  Each level of training includes the supporting levels of training at no additional cost (so the Black Belt training includes the Manual and Basic Reports, and Private training clients can participate in Dojo sessions).

If you are unsure which level is most appropriate for you, begin with the Basic Reports.


1.      coaching helps you develop a game plan personalized for you

2.      gives you perspective that you can’t see

3.      keeps you focused and on track

4.      motivates you over the tough spots

5.      keeps gains and losses in perspective

6.      provides a sounding board for ideas

7.      incorporates ALL of the above individual systems into ONE comprehensive stress destruction system.


  1. Customized to you. Whether you want business coaching, reiki instruction, life coaching – this training can be focused on your needs
  2. Flexible for your life.  A law degree teaches you principles of law.  An engineering degree teaches you principles of engineering. SJC teaches you principles to transform stress, as well as leadership core competencies, to handle almost any situation.
  3. Useful in every area. Some people take martial arts for defense, some to get in shape. Some people get a law degree to practice e law, others to learn legal analysis.  With SJC, you can use it to handle the stress of relationships; unleash your creativity; or decipher the leadership versus management conundrum most companies place you in.

The REMEDY: Take CONTROL of stress

The OVERVIEW: Progressive Training

Stress is everywhere and never ending. It is relentless, unfeeling, and merciless. It attacks you when you are most vulnerable. It weakens your ability to fight it.  And it only gets worse as you advance in your career, your community and your family.Stress always make you doubt yourself. “Did I do the right thing?”
“Could I have handled this better?”And then that indecision causes stress of its own.
“How can I be sure I’m making the right choice?”
“Am I competent to do this thing?”Add to that the fear that everyone is seeing you sweat under pressure.
“They never listen to me anyway…”
“I don’t have the authority to do the right thing…”I’ve been there. I know that fear. I have felt that pain. I have overcome the monster called stress. And you can too.
Your next action is to decide HOW you want to begin your training. A huge part of martial arts training is being able to act and think under the unrelenting pressure and chaos of an attack.  Trials have the non-stop stress of being your client’s vigorous advocate, with potentially life-changing issues at stake.STRESS JUDO COACHING offers different levels of training and coaching, so you can elect which is most appropriate to you.Sign up for the level at which you want to begin your journey to BLACK BELT and request a consultation interview with founder Rick Carter, to experience coaching at its highest, most aggressive level.Are you Black Belt material?  Find out.